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Re: E-M:/ Gravel pit question

Enviro-Mich message from "Matthew Johnstone" <JOHNSTOM@michigan.gov>

A gravel pit will require a soil erosion and sedimentation control
permit per Part 91 of 1994 PA 451 from the county or municipal enforcing
agency if the area of earth disturbance is one or more acres or the
earth disturbance is located within 500 feet of a lake (a body of water
one acre or larger) or stream.  If you let me know where the pit is
located, I can provide the contact information for the Part 91 enforcing

Matt Johnstone
231-775-3960 ext. 6362
fax 231-775-1511

>>> "Luanne Jaruzel" <jaruzel@tds.net> 09/18/02 09:56PM >>>
Anyone know of any rules - or rules of thumb - that should be checked
out when a person wants to "re-open" a gravel pit?  To my knowledge no
gravel has been taken from the pit in 5 years, possibly 10.  My
understanding is that since the pit wasn't operational for so long, it
would revert back to what the zoning is in that area.  It is zoned
Residential/Ag and 30 years ago was run as a family gravel pit.  Is it
too late to be "grandfathered in"?  Our local township officials don't
know what rules apply or even what to ask.  The man with the pit just
TOLD the township supervisor he was going to re-open this pit. 
Shouldn't the township require a site plan, or issue a permit of some
kind?  Can the request proof that there is even still gravel at this
site?  How can they have any control or be sure that he follows noise or
pollution control ordinances if there are no ground rules set before he
opens?  Any and all comments are appreciated. . .we need some direction
Thanks you in advance.
Luanne Jaruzel
Millington Township

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