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E-M:/ FEIS in works on Grand Haven Bypass/US 31

Passing on this testy MDOT press release... Kelly

For Immediate Release: September 20, 2002

Contact: Stephanie  Litaker Office of Communications 616-451-4595, ext. 324
                E-Mail:  litakers@michigan.gov

MDOT wants to shut down rumor mill on US-31 study in Grand Haven and Holland

        In an effort to keep erroneous information from spreading even further through West Michigan, the state Department of Transportation wants to shut down the rumor mill regarding the US-31 study in Grand Haven and Holland.

        "If people would go to MDOT instead of their local barbershop for information there wouldn't be nearly as much confusion out there about this project," said MDOT Director of Communications Ari B. Adler. "The wrong information seems to spread so quickly. The energy from the rumor mill in West Michigan could power a small city."

        The Final Environmental Impact Statement is undergoing a preliminary review by the Federal Highway Administration and other federal agencies. This is standard procedure for every project of this magnitude.  This is not the final step in the decision-making process.

        Upon review and concurrence, FHWA will sign the document. A notice will be published in the Federal Register, initiating a public comment period. Public and agency comments received within that period will be reviewed and considered prior to FHWA issuing a Record of Decision.

        A time limit for this process is not established, but it could easily take several months. Another update will be provided by MDOT when more information is available.


For updated information in west and southwest Michigan,
call the Road Repair Hotline, toll-free, at 1-888-305-PAVE.

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