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Re: E-M:/ Developer pushes 'new urbanism' proposal

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enviro-Mich message from Dave Warren ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I disagree with Tom's characterization of "New Urbanism,"  tho he may have accurately described a form he's seen it in.  He is correct that it uses principles forgotten since WWII.

In the right context, it also can be a tool to prevent more sprawl.  Since the automobile began to drive our developments after WWII, we have lost a whole lot of pedestrian qualities of space.  New Urbanism is a term that includes restoring some pedestrian and human scale to our developments.

Higher density IN THE RIGHT PLACES can be very beneficial.  Unfortunately, some of the examples have been poorly placed -- and poorly designed.  Labeling anything "new urbanism" certainly can be a smoke-screen.  But it can also be a genuine attempt to solve some problems inherent with most zoning ordinances.

Like any design, the quality is important -- not the label.


At 09:27 AM 9/23/02 -0500, Tom at WMEAC wrote:
"New urbanism" is basically old, pre WW2 or even pre-20th C  townbuilding.  Developers like it because of the density - they can fit more houses on less property.  They also save big time on infrastructure costs and get a very marketable result. 
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'New Urbanism'  Your thoughts pro/con?  Is this another developer smoke screen?

Developer pushes 'new urbanism' proposal

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