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E-M:/ mercury linked to infertility

Title: mercury linked to infertility
The state of Michigan has a sportsfish consumption advisory for every in-land lake because of mercury contamination. Unfortunately, many fish eaters do not know about this. And mercury is also found in significant quantities in canned tuna and other commercially-sold fish.

Mercury in fish may be linked to infertility-study

UK: September 24, 2002
LONDON - Eating too much seafood, which can contain high levels of the toxic substance mercury, could be linked to an increased risk of infertility in men and women, researchers said.

Scientists at The Chinese University of Hong Kong found that infertile couples who consumed large amounts of seafood had higher blood mercury concentrations than fertile couples.

"Seafood contaminated with mercury is a possible source of excessive mercury exposure in our infertile population," said Dr Christine Choy, whose research is published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
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