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E-M:/ DARTA & Diesel Tax affected by Gubernatorial politics.


September 25, 2002-
DARTA & Diesel Tax affected by Gubernatorial politics. Both issues are expected to see action after Nov. elections in the Legislature.

Expect diesel tax debate in November
The Diesel Increase has been touted as a way to help increase revenue for Michigan's pitiful road system. Gubernatorial candidates, in the wake of a fiscal crisis, have latched on to a publicly popular idea; raise the diesel tax by four cents to equal the gas tax at 19 cents. The LSJ editorialized on Wednesday

Road plans: Diesel fuel tax hike makes sense, but much more is needed

Current plans in the Legislature call for raising the tax to 19 cents, but bypassing the state formula that gives a portion to improve local roads and help support public transit. Instead, the increase would be dedicated to state highways only, leaving local communities empty handed.

MEC is advocating the the diesel increase go through the formula so everyone receives their fair share on the increase to help maintain our deteriorating state AND local roads while supporting public transit as well.

DARTA on hold; Partisan Politics to blame
After 18-months of hard work and compromise from local citizens, The Detroit Chamber of Commerce and many Unions, it appears that Gubernatorial politics have put a bill on hold that would create a regional transit authority in SE Michigan. The Authority would coordinate routes rates and services for the two current and independent systems now serving the region,  D-DOT and SMART.

State Republicans have said the bill may be taken up after the election in November, but the Detroit Chamber is preparing to cut their losses and begin the process over in January. Kathleen Gray writes about the latest developments in the Detroit Free Press

Regional transit plan on hold; Leaders to try again after Nov. 5 voting

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