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E-M:/ Solar Home Tour, Oct. 5th in Southwest MI

Please share with other enviro-folks who might be interested in learning more about solar homes, energy efficiency and conservation, and home power renewable energy systems.

National Solar Home Tour Featured Locally in Southwest Michigan
Saturday, October 5th, 10 AM - 4 PM

The tour this year includes two exceptional homes in the Hastings area, and a machine tool shop (also in Hastings) that is powered by 3,000 watts of solar and wind energy.  A passive solar home in Kalamazoo with an 1800 watt solar array is new to the tour this year as is a home in Lawrence with a solar water heater and 900 watt wind generator.  The Fennville area will feature an active solar home and an alternative high school, which has a 1 kW solar array. A beautiful, new off-the-grid home in Bangor features passive solar design, masonry stove and a 1 kW solar array and wind turbine.  There will also be a passive solar home in Watervliet which features permaculture design principles, stone and cordwood masonry.

For more information and map, contact Tom Huber at Southwestern Michigan College at 1-800-456-8675, EXT. 1211 or by email at tjhuber@swmich.edu.

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