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E-M:/ Thank you for info: "what else does one do with manure?"

Enviro-Mich message from Lowell Prag <lprag@mail.msen.com>

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, WIMS wrote:

> Lowell, Ken and others, 
> Check out these and other resources from the Michigan Biomass Energy
> Program...
> at: http://michiganbioenergy.org/ 

Yes, thank you. 

That is the site I was trying to remember which might be helpful to Ken in
finding engineers in Michigan with the best expertise on anaerobic

I am opposed though, to the below.

There are much better ways to create fuels, other than growing grain crops
to produce ethanol. That method is a bit of an obscenity, given that half
the world is starving and the grains could be put to much better use.

> Energy Crops In Michigan - (9/10) A new discussion paper on energy
> crops is available from the Michigan Biomass Energy Program. The paper
> provides basic energy crop information, explores opportunities and
> constraints for the development and use of energy crops, and discusses
> crops that could be grown in Michigan. The use of energy crops for
> power generation is a primary focus of this paper. Access the complete
> paper -- ENERGY CROPS and Their Potential Development in Michigan
> (click here).

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