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E-M:/ Re: ORGANIC & "what else does one do with manure?"

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<< Lowell, I agree with your basic premise that the use of compost is
superior to the use of synthetic fertilizers or non-composted manure. 
But surely you must concede that it is also A LOT more expensive. 
Unless consumers are willing to pay for the cost of organic farming
(which to date, they have not been)  organic farming methods will not
succeed in the market.
Ken >>
- - - - - 
The use of compost is not necessarily more expensive, but the pesticide and 
synthetic fertilizer route is a lot easier.  Perhaps that is why it is the 
preferred method for large, corporate farms.

The market for organic produce is definitely improving and, in many cases, is 
a very profitable alternative to conventional farming methods.  A friend's 
family grows using both conventional and organic methods.  They have 
converted 640 acres to organic soybeans--because the market is good and they 
receive a much higher price per bushel.

Michigan farmers definitely need to be more creative if they are to 
survive...and have sustainable farms for future generations.  Michigan State 
University, the MSU Cooperative Extension Service (my former employer), and 
the Michigan Department of Agriculture need to be more helpful in leading the 

Jack Smiley

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