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Enviro-Mich message from "Daniel Farough" <daniel.farough@sierraclub.org>

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Friday, October 4, 2002 	 			Cyndi Roper, Clean Water Action (616) 742-4084
						Dana Debel, MI League of Conservation Voters (734) 222-9650



Lansing, MI – All three environmental groups that endorse candidates running
for elective office, announced their unanimous support of Jennifer Granholm
for Governor today.  The Sierra Club, Michigan League of Conservation Voters
and Clean Water Action described Granholm as ‘a star of hope’ for Michigan’s
Great Lakes and environment after 12 years of rollbacks and mismanagement
under Engler and Posthumus. “Sierra Club, MI League of Conservation Voters
and Clean Water Action are pleased to give Jennifer Granholm our
endorsement, because Jennifer Granholm will end an era of
anti-environmentalism in Lansing and restore the State as a national leader
in protecting our air, land and water,” said Cyndi Roper, Director of Clean
Water Action in Michigan.

"Part of securing Michigan's future is protecting our families' health and
safety,” said Gubernatorial candidate, Jennifer Granholm. “We must protect
our state's natural resources heritage for future generations, and those who
degrade our environment must be held accountable. I am proud of the support
of these organizations and the many thousands of Michigan citizens who
treasure Michigan's natural heritage.  As Governor, I want to work with them
to put Michigan back in the forefront of protecting our water, air and

The Granholm environmental plan is extensive and touches on all the major
challenges facing Michigan’s air, land and water.  Granholm earned extensive
praise for innovative positions, such as calling for the creation of a
‘Michigan Clean Water Corp,’ which would create the most extensive water
quality monitoring network in the country by linking state agencies with
trained volunteers in the field to track and solve water pollution problems.
Granholm’s plan would further protect Michigan’s waters by supporting the
Great Lakes drilling ban, stop Great Lakes water diversions, and devote
state attention toward cleaning up the toxic hotspots or “areas of concern”
neglected Engler-Posthumus.

Unlike Posthumus, Governor Granholm would restore citizen oversight of
environmental agencies, fight the importation of out of state waste, and
expand the bottle bill.  Granholm would enforce, not undermine Michigan’s
environmental laws and require that concentrated animal feeding operations
or animal factories obtain site-specific permits to protect the air and
water of our rural communities.  Posthumus has opposed bottle bill
expansion, stripped citizen oversight of environmental decisions and worked
hand in hand with his running mate to give corporations special treatment,
allowing them to keep pollution problems secret from the public.

As Attorney General, Granholm appointed the first-ever assistant AG on the
environment to investigate and prosecute environmental crimes.  Granholm was
successful in making polluters pay for clean ups, saving the public more
than $100 million.  Her office won the largest total court-ordered civil
fine for environmental violations involving illegal dumping in Michigan
history - $35 million.  Granholm has been successful in efforts to protect
the State’s wetlands, and fought cases to clean up Michigan’s air and Great

“Jennifer Granholm has one of the best environmental platforms we have ever
reviewed and her efforts as Attorney General on behalf of the environment
are excellent,” said Dan Farough, Political Director of the Sierra Club in
Michigan.  “The sort of environmental advocacy Granholm brought to the
Attorney General’s office is exactly the sort of advocacy we need in the
Governor’s office.”  Granholm’s complete plan can be found at

The groups reminded voters of the anti-environmental legacy of the
Engler-Posthumus Administration.  Actions include Posthumus’ record of
voting to roll back Michigan’s land mark polluter pay law (HB 4596, rc 183
and 239, 1995) allowing polluters to keep illegal discharges as part of the
Audit Privilege law (SB 728, rc 138, 139, and 185, 1996),), and voting
repeatedly against efforts to restrict the importation of out of state waste
(SB 941, rc 469 and 470, 1996) which is turning Michigan into a regional
dumping ground.  Posthumus was also criticized for being a
“Johnny-come-lately” to no-brainer issues like banning Great Lakes oil
drilling and helping communities deal with raw and partially treated sewage

“Dick Posthumus is certainly not the environmentalist he would like people
to believe at election time,” said Dana Debel, Director of MI LCV.  “If you
look at the record, one finds Dick Posthumus to be an ardent
anti-environmentalist who voted to rollback our polluter pay laws, dragged
his feet on Great Lakes oil drilling and blocked measures to restrict
out-of-state garbage from coming to Michigan.”

The groups pointed to the selection of a running mate as a major difference
between the candidates on environmental issues.  Sen. John Cherry
consistently averaged close to 90% on MI LCV scorecards, while Sen. Loren
Bennett average around 10%.  Sierra Club and Clean Water Action scorecards
showed similar records.  “Posthumus choice of Bennett as a running-mate is a
tell-tale sign of the type of focus a Posthumus-Bennett administration would
bring to the environment,” said Debel.  “That’s not the kind of leadership
Michigan citizens want on environmental and conservation issues.”

The Groups expect environmentally-minded voters in both political parties to
support Jennifer Granholm for Governor.  “People concerned about Michigan’s
Great Lakes and environment will see both candidates for what they are,”
said Farough.  “On one hand you have Dick Posthumus who votes against the
environment and then claims credit for things he hasn’t done come election
time.  On the other hand you have Jennifer Granholm, a very effective
environmental AG who is responding to the people on the front lines of
Michigan’s environmental problems.  When it comes to the environment the
choice is crystal clear.”


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