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E-M:/ Press Release for todays Meijer Demo

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <snakeman1549@yahoo.com>

Press Release
October 4, 2002

Contacts: Frank Ambrose, 313-580-7484, Marie Mason,

Activists Confront Meijer’s Over Sale of Ice Mountain
Bottled Water

Taylor, MI—This Saturday, activists from the
Sweetwater Alliance will gather at the Taylor Meijer
store to host a carnival of resistance, including a
stilt-walker, music and banners and signs. The
carnival is an act of protest against Meijer’s
continued sale of Ice Mountain brand bottle water. Ice
Mountain is currently stealing Michigan’s
commonly-held groundwater and selling it around the
country. The activists have organized a boycott of Ice
Mountain to protest the theft of the water, and are
attempting to convince Meijer’s that they should join
the boycott. So far Meijer’s has been less than
receptive to their requests.

“As a Michigan-based company, Meijers should be more
responsive to the issues facing the state’s citizens
and ecosystems,” said Marie Mason. “ They should not
support corporations or individuals who are taking
advantage of and destroying either. It is time for
them to stop selling Ice Mountain and other Nestle
Waters of America brands of bottled water.[Nestle owns
Ice Mountain, Perrier, Poland Springs and others]”

Ice Mountain has illegally set up a water bottling
plant in Mecosta County, MI. They are pumping 400
gallons of water per minute from a spring that leads
to the Little Muskegon River. 

“This multinational corporation just went into rural
Michigan and bulldozed local opposition and built this
plant without proper zoning,” said Frank Ambrose. “
Then on top of it, the Engler administration granted
them a permit to pump water from the ground. For this
$85 permit, Ice Mountain is making profit of up to
$1.8 million a day.”

“Ice Mountain did not stop at just building the plant
and stealing the water,” continued Ambrose. “They also
pursued and received a back-door $9.6 million tax
abatement from the local townships. So, we all are
providing a tax subsidy to help them sell our water
back to us and remove it from the Great Lakes

In a non-binding August referendum, residents of
Mecosta county voted resoundingly to deny Ice Mountain
the zoning change they wanted for the land that their
plant occupies. It is currently zoned for agriculture
and they want to change it to commercial. The plant
draws close to 200,000 trucks per year. 

Local people are concerned that Ice Mountain will
lower the water table and foul well sites, as they
have done at other pumping sites around the country,
most notably in Florida and Texas. People in Mecosta
County immediately began experiencing problems with
their private wells once Ice Mountain began pumping. 

“ Anyway you go about it, Ice Mountain is bad for
Michigan, bad for the planet. It is time that Meijer’s
hears the wishes of the citizens  and quits selling
Ice Mountain,” said Mason. “It is that simple.”

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