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Enviro-Mich message from "Kristin L. Brooks" <Kristin@UrbanOptions.org>

Andy Fogiel from MSAN asked that I pass this along . . .

The Michigan State Sustainable Agriculture Network (MSAN) Seminar Series and
the Departments of Crop & Soil Science and Horticulture Seminar Series

The Fox River Valley (Wisconsin) Organic Recycling Program
with Dr. Leslie Cooperband
October 10, 2002
noon - 1:30pm
222 Erickson Hall, Michigan State University

 4:10pm - 5:00pm
149 Plant & Soil Sciences Building, Michigan State University

As landfills reach their capacity, many states have enacted bans on the
landfilling of organic wastes.  As a result, composting has become an
increasingly viable means of managing organic wastes.  Dr. Leslie Cooperband
from the University of Wisconsin will be making two presentations at
Michigan State University on the Fox River Valley Organic Recycling Program
(FRVOR).  The FRVOR program assesses the management of a wide variety of
organic wastes based on a wasteshed.  The program links communities,
industries, and agriculture located within a watershed in order to divert
these organic wastes from landfilling and incineration while reducing the
transportation distances required to manage these materials.

During the noon seminar Dr. Cooperband will provide some general background
on the composting process and how the various benefits of adding compost to
soils has made the FRVOR program successful.  These benefits include:
improvements to overall soil quality, increasing fertility of agricultural
fields, accelerating the breakdown of pesticides and other synthetic
compounds, and reducing the bioavailability of heavy metals in remediating
contaminated soils.   She will then discuss the development and
implementation of the FRVOR program and how it has become an important tool
in finding more sustainable means of managing organic materials once
destined for landfills that are now rapdily approaching their capacity.

For the 4:10pm seminar, Dr. Cooperband will provide a background on the
FRVOR program and discuss how the program has resulted in the creation of a
mutually benefical relationship between communities, industries, and
agriculture.  Dr. Cooperband will provide examples of how the various
benefits of compost create a variety of uses, and also detail uses of
organic materials that are not composted such as an on-going study of using
paper mill residuals in vegetable production.

For more information including directions and parking on the MSU campus,
please call Andy Fogiel at 517-355-2312, or by e-mail at msan@msu.edu.

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