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RE: E-M:/ Wildlife Habitat Council certifies Fighting Island in lower Detroit...

The Wildlife Habitat Council has been around for probably 13-15 years ( I think a similar groups have been in the UK before that though).  They started out somewhere in Maryland - maybe Silver Spring although I can't remember exactly and I am not even sure if they are still there.  Historically, their main focus was getting companies with huge corporate offices on huge chunks of land with huge rolling lawns (often in newer suburban areas) to try to get rid of the "lawn effect" and go native by working with them (the company itself must appoint an employee council so the efforts are internalized and perpetual) and teaching them how to do things like re-instate native grasses, plant various bushes to attract native wildlife, etc..  I think their focus may have broadened a bit over the years to other wildlife issues but I couldn't be sure.  It's been a while since I worked with them.  While I sympathize with your paranoia since there are plenty of groups that have misleading names, this isn't one of them. 

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Pardon my asking but as an URBAN environmentalist I'm not as knowledgeable about wildlife habitat as perhaps I should be. So I was wondering if the Wildlife Habitat Council was a truly legitamit environmental organization or some sort of industry shill giving themselves awards for greenwashing. I did a quick web search and everything I found on the first glance was more press releases about some mega corporate giant doing the right thing. BASF, IBM, American Chemical Council etc.

And could they help BASF finish cleaning up its old paint factory site in Hamtramck?

And again, I am terribly sorry if they are actually a great organization driven by high morel standards.  It would be an injustice to infer otherwise. On the other hand??

Rob Cedar
HEAT- Hamtramck Environmental Action Team

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The Wildlife Habitat Council recognized BASF's wildlife management program
on Fighting Island.  Fighting Island is the second largest island in the
Detroit River, covering approximately 2.5 square miles.