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Re: E-M:/ DEQ employee speaks out

Enviro-Mich message from fred cowles <fecowles@yahoo.com>

Hello Chuck,  

We both go back a long way, and I agree with you:
"there is some hope".  The anonymous employee did not
exaggerate.  The new governor certainly COULD
reorganize again, but I hope not.  Granholm promises
to recombine DEQ with DNR and I think that would be a
mistake.  Engler did the right thing in creating a
DEQ; he just did it for the wrong reasons.  He did it
to centralize power in his own hands and wrest it away
from a sometimes independent commission.  It remains a
good idea to separate resource development from
resource protection.  Similarly, the DEQ
reorganization makes sense in a macro-sense.  The
concept of the restructuring around environmental
media (air, water, waste, and land) is good.  The
timing and manner are devastating.  The honorable
thing to do would be to initiate a study of
reorganization possibilities, but leave the decision
to the next governor.  The decision to implement six
weeks before the election is simply insulting to the
next governor.  The manner in which the reorganization
was implemented was vindictive.  Good honest
hard-working civil servants had their careers demeaned
by inappropriate and vengeful reassignments.  

I hope that the next governor will provide what the
department of Environmental Quality, the people of the
state of Michigan, and the environment need: 
leadership and stability.  These have been lacking
from Michigan government since Milliken.  

======== Fred
(a recently retired DEQ employee)

--- Cubbagec@aol.com wrote:
> Hi All, 
> Although the impact of Harding and Engler will be
> long felt, there is some 
> hope re the reorganization.  As long and I have been
> around, the new gov is 
> always afforded the opportunity to "reorganize". 
> You can bet it will happen 
> in a couple of months again as the timing affords.
> It will cost repeat $ , 
> but one can again thank John Engler for not being a
> leader, but --- well you 
> fill in the blanks :>)
> Regards,
> Chuck Cubbage

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