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E-M:/ Voting Information

Enviro-Mich message from Darren Bagley <bagleyd@msue.msu.edu>

MSU Extension has developed a bulletin describing the four statewide ballot 
proposals which is available at 

This ballot issue bulletin provides an objective description and brief 
analysis of the four questions that will be voted on by Michigan voters at
the November 5 election. For more than 20 years, MSU Extension has been 
publishing such bulletins whenever there are decisions to be made on 
statewide issues. It is part of our ongoing public policy education 
programming effort.

The bulletin on the MSUE website is available as a PDF file.  You can also 
get paper copies of the publication at your local MSU Extension office.  To 
find the location of your MSU Extension office, visit 

Other useful links:

Allows you to put in your address and then view a copy of the actual ballot 
for your precinct and it tells you where you vote. It also contains other 
useful information about voting and candidates.

For new Senate District Boundaries, go to:

For new House District Boundaries, go to:

For information about absentee ballots, go to:

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