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E-M:/ lame ducks quack louder

Enviro-Mich message from "Dave Dempsey" <davedem@hotmail.com>

DEQ lame ducks will not go gently into that good night -- but perhaps the 
ultimate irony is that Russell Harding is being appointed to "represent the 
general public" that he has done so much to cheat out of its rightful place 
in state environmental decision-making.

The explosion of late-term appointments by Engler deserves more attention 
than it is getting and special scrutiny.

Governor Appoints Two to Great Lakes Protection Fund Board of Trustees

October 30, 2002

Governor John Engler today announced the appointments of two individuals to 
the Great Lakes Protection Fund Board of Trustees.  The $100 million fund 
was established in 1989, and provides grants for projects that help 
institutions and agencies of the Great Lakes region work together toward 
cleaning up their shared lake resources. The board also works to educate the 
general public about the importance of the Great Lakes, and what citizens 
and businesses can do to help restore them.

Dave Ladd, of Lansing, is director of the Office of the Great Lakes.  He is 
re-appointed to represent the general public.

Russell J. Harding, of East Lansing, is director of the Department of 
Environmental Quality.  He replaces Dennis Schornack, of Williamston, whose 
term has expired.  Harding will represent the general public.

Both terms end October 11, 2004.

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