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Re: E-M:/ Potential development of the Humbug Marsh looming

Enviro-Mich message from "Dave Dempsey" <davedem@hotmail.com>

Another sneak attack.  Please make sure, everyone, that you read the entire 
article.  Mr. Lanigan distorts what both candidates have to say on Humbug 

The entire Posthumus quote:

"I’m a strong outdoorsman and preservationist, and I really believe when 
you’ve got a unique piece of property like that, everything ought to be done 
to preserve it.

"To me, the people of the local communities ought to make the determination. 
I don’t think the state necessarily ought to step in. They’ve been very 
clear on where they want to go here."

The entire Granholm quote:

"If it meets with the environmental laws, should it be approved? Yeah.

Is there a situation where MID can present a plan consistent with the 
environmental needs as well as the desires of the (developer)? If there is, 
it doesn’t look like they’re there yet."

In other words, in a hypothetical case where MID could present a plan that 
would be consistent with the environmental laws and needs of the state and 
community, the state would be required to approve it.  But MID hasn't, and 

Another interesting quote:

Q: Is DEQ Director Russell Harding out no matter who’s our next governor?

Posthumus: I’m not going to say that, but my administration will be people 
that are working for me. I would expect we’ll have a whole new 

Embedded in that question subtly is the assumption that this administration 
has screwed up the environment.

...There have been a lot of things this administration has done correctly. 
Too many people want to play politics with the environment. But our water 
quality has continued to improve since the 1970s.

Q: What changes, if any, will you make to the Department of Environmental 
Quality if you’re elected?


...We need a strong enforcement arm. The number of enforcement matters that 
have been referred to the office of attorney general under this 
administration have dropped precipitously and that’s wrong, too.

If you pollute, you ought to be part of the responsible cleanup. That has 
been a very frustrating thing from our office’s perspective because we have 
a wonderful division that handles the environmental matters.

These are career civil servants who are passionate about the environment. 
They have been enormously frustrated by the lack of enforcement.

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