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E-M:/ conservationists, environmentalists unite for granholm

Enviro-Mich message from "Dave Dempsey" <davedem@hotmail.com>

For Immediate Release		Contact: Jim Goodheart, 517-819-2729
November 1, 2002		Dave Dempsey, 517-402-1148


	Calling the last decade of state policies a departure from a 70-year 
Michigan tradition of conservation, leaders of Michigan’s conservation and 
environmental communities today urged citizens concerned about clean air and 
water, land protection, and outdoor recreation to vote for Jennifer Granholm 
for Governor on November 5.

	Voters face a clear choice between Republican candidate Dick Posthumus and 
Democratic candidate Jennifer Granholm on environmental and conservation 
issues, they argued. Granholm’s election would mean restoration of public 
participation in state natural resources policymaking, a return to 
leadership on critical issues like urban sprawl and clean water, and a 
rejection of Engler Administration policies that have cost taxpayers, 
hunters and anglers millions while benefiting special interests.

     Granholm has been endorsed by the Michigan League of Conservation 
Voters, Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, the North Woods Call and others. 
She represents "the best opportunity in 20 years for Michigan voters to 
restore Michigan's conservation priorities, while protecting the public 
trust, and allowing sound biological science (and not politics) to guide the 
management of our natural resources," said natural resources consultant Jim 

	“Voters face a clear choice in November between Jennifer Granholm, who will 
restore Michigan's tradition of environmental protection and enforcement, 
and Dick Posthumus who worked to gut Michigan's polluter pay and 
accountability laws," said Dan Farough, Political Director of the Sierra 
Club.  "The people along the Tittabawassee River, in Romulus, along Lake St. 
Clair or in the communities impacted by factory farm pollution around the 
state cannot afford four more years of Engler-Posthumus."

	Glen Sheppard, editor of the North Woods Call, called Granholm “the best 
choice we’ve had an opportunity to make” on conservation issues “since Bill 
Milliken last ran for governor in 1978.”

	Conservation and environmental leaders pointed out that Granholm has taken 
aggressive pro-conservation positions on Great Lakes exotic species control, 
expanding Michigan’s bottle deposit law to include water and juice 
containers, the fight against diseases that put Michigan’s wildlife at risk, 
protection of sand dunes from mining and other issues.  Granholm’s opponent, 
Dick Posthumus, has opposed expansion of the bottle deposit, wants to 
protect only a small fraction of sand dunes, and has failed to distance 
himself from the Engler Administration’s raids on hunting and fishing 
license money and its neglect of critical outdoor issues.

	“Michigan citizens want a Governor who will enforce the laws and who has a 
vision of the importance of clean water in our daily lives,” said Cyndi 
Roper, Michigan Director of Clean Water Action. “By voting for Jennifer 
Granholm, they can send the message that they want clean and safe drinking 
water, fish free of contaminants, and clean beaches.”

	“The choice of running mates by the two candidates also tells us a lot 
about what kind of state government they would run,” said Dave Dempsey, 
author of a book on Michigan’s conservation history. “Posthumus chose Loren 
Bennett, who has helped roll back some of Michigan’s most important 
environmental laws and has a dismal 33% voting record on environmental 
issues over the last four years. Jennifer Granholm’s choice of John Cherry, 
who has an 89% voting record and has championed environmental issues for the 
last 20 years, shows different values. Those values take into account the 
Michigan our children will inherit.”

	Said Mike Moore, former DNR Director and state forester, “I strongly urge 
those concerned about conservation of our natural resources to vote for 
Jennifer Granholm for Governor.  She has committed to take politics out of 
conservation and restore professional management of our wildlife, fisheries, 
forests, recreational lands and other resources.  She strongly supports 
enforcement of conservation laws.  For many years Michigan was the leading 
state in environmental protection and natural resource management.  I 
believe Jennifer Granholm, as Governor, will provide the leadership to allow 
Michigan again lead the nation in these important areas.”

	Howard Tanner, DNR Director from 1975 to 1983, said, “I believe 
conservation and environmental protection within Michigan are at a 
crossroad. We either begin a process of rebuilding our legacy for the future 
with Jennifer Granholm, or continue down the path of indifference and 
neglect that the Posthumus/Engler administration has designed over the past 
12 years.”

	A list of conservation and environmental leaders endorsing Granholm 

Conservationists/Environmentalists for Granholm

Robert Abrams
Jan Ben Dor, Deputy Clerk, Pittsfield Township
Janis Bobrin, Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner
Michele Bononi, Mayor Pro Tem, Novi
Peg Bostwick
Eunice Burns, Past Chair, Huron River Watershed Council*
Chris Bzdok, environmental attorney
Paul Cousins, vice-chair, Huron River Watershed Council*
Don Brown, Kalamazoo
Mary Brown, former State Representative
Clean Water Action
Anne Couture
Sally Churchill, environmental attorney
Jim Daniels
Dana Debel
Dave Dempsey
Tracy Dobson, professor of fisheries and wildlife, Michigan State University
Tim Eder, Great Lakes advocate
Marlene Fluharty, former member, Michigan Natural Resources Commission
Rusty Gates, Gates AuSable River Lodge
Jim Goodheart, natural resources consultant, former executive director, 
Michigan United Conservation Clubs*
Leah Gunn, Washtenaw County Commissioner
Robert Gunn, treasurer, Natural Washtenaw Campaign
Patricia D. Hartig
John Hertel
Donald Inman, former deputy director, Michigan Department of Natural 
Chris Kolb, State Representative
Christina Lirones, Pittsfield Township Clerk
Maureen S. Martin, board member, Michigan Land Use Institute*
Doug Martz
Michael D. Moore, former director, Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Michigan League of Conservation Voters
Jim Murray, director, Wayne County Department of the Environment
Jim Olson, environmental attorney
Mike Parker
Mike Penskar, professional botanist
Virginia Pierce, former district supervisor, Michigan Department of Natural 
Sue Robertson, environmental consultant
Frank Ruswick
Chris Shafer, environmental law professor, Cooley Law School
Sierra Club
David Stead, environmental consultant
Howard Tanner, former director, Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Karen Kovacs Trevino, director, environmental programs, ASG Renaissance and 
former senior policy advisor to U.S. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt
William Whippen, past president, Michigan United Conservation Clubs*
Anne Woiwode

* Organization name included for identification purposes only. No 
endorsement by the organization is implied or intended.

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