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Re: E-M:/ conservationists, environmentalists unite for granholm

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Granholm has my vote.
The choice is a no-brainer.  The disasterous policies of Engler/Posthumus
cannot continue.
The existing anti environmental, anti conservation, and anti citizen
policies and trends need to be turned back.

Anything for a buck. No safe water to drink.  No safe air to breathe. It's
pretty basic stuff.  That's what Engler/Posthumus brought here to my

William Tobler

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> For Immediate Release Contact: Jim Goodheart, 517-819-2729
> November 1, 2002 Dave Dempsey, 517-402-1148
> Calling the last decade of state policies a departure from a 70-year
> Michigan tradition of conservation, leaders of Michigan's conservation and
> environmental communities today urged citizens concerned about clean air
> water, land protection, and outdoor recreation to vote for Jennifer
> for Governor on November 5.
> Voters face a clear choice between Republican candidate Dick Posthumus and
> Democratic candidate Jennifer Granholm on environmental and conservation
> issues, they argued. Granholm's election would mean restoration of public
> participation in state natural resources policymaking, a return to
> leadership on critical issues like urban sprawl and clean water, and a
> rejection of Engler Administration policies that have cost taxpayers,
> hunters and anglers millions while benefiting special interests.
>      Granholm has been endorsed by the Michigan League of Conservation
> Voters, Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, the North Woods Call and others.
> She represents "the best opportunity in 20 years for Michigan voters to
> restore Michigan's conservation priorities, while protecting the public
> trust, and allowing sound biological science (and not politics) to guide
> management of our natural resources," said natural resources consultant
> Goodheart.
> "Voters face a clear choice in November between Jennifer Granholm, who
> restore Michigan's tradition of environmental protection and enforcement,
> and Dick Posthumus who worked to gut Michigan's polluter pay and
> accountability laws," said Dan Farough, Political Director of the Sierra
> Club.  "The people along the Tittabawassee River, in Romulus, along Lake
> Clair or in the communities impacted by factory farm pollution around the
> state cannot afford four more years of Engler-Posthumus."
> Glen Sheppard, editor of the North Woods Call, called Granholm "the best
> choice we've had an opportunity to make" on conservation issues "since
> Milliken last ran for governor in 1978."
> Conservation and environmental leaders pointed out that Granholm has taken
> aggressive pro-conservation positions on Great Lakes exotic species
> expanding Michigan's bottle deposit law to include water and juice
> containers, the fight against diseases that put Michigan's wildlife at
> protection of sand dunes from mining and other issues.  Granholm's
> Dick Posthumus, has opposed expansion of the bottle deposit, wants to
> protect only a small fraction of sand dunes, and has failed to distance
> himself from the Engler Administration's raids on hunting and fishing
> license money and its neglect of critical outdoor issues.
> "Michigan citizens want a Governor who will enforce the laws and who has a
> vision of the importance of clean water in our daily lives," said Cyndi
> Roper, Michigan Director of Clean Water Action. "By voting for Jennifer
> Granholm, they can send the message that they want clean and safe drinking
> water, fish free of contaminants, and clean beaches."
> "The choice of running mates by the two candidates also tells us a lot
> about what kind of state government they would run," said Dave Dempsey,
> author of a book on Michigan's conservation history. "Posthumus chose
> Bennett, who has helped roll back some of Michigan's most important
> environmental laws and has a dismal 33% voting record on environmental
> issues over the last four years. Jennifer Granholm's choice of John
> who has an 89% voting record and has championed environmental issues for
> last 20 years, shows different values. Those values take into account the
> Michigan our children will inherit."
> Said Mike Moore, former DNR Director and state forester, "I strongly urge
> those concerned about conservation of our natural resources to vote for
> Jennifer Granholm for Governor.  She has committed to take politics out of
> conservation and restore professional management of our wildlife,
> forests, recreational lands and other resources.  She strongly supports
> enforcement of conservation laws.  For many years Michigan was the leading
> state in environmental protection and natural resource management.  I
> believe Jennifer Granholm, as Governor, will provide the leadership to
> Michigan again lead the nation in these important areas."
> Howard Tanner, DNR Director from 1975 to 1983, said, "I believe
> conservation and environmental protection within Michigan are at a
> crossroad. We either begin a process of rebuilding our legacy for the
> with Jennifer Granholm, or continue down the path of indifference and
> neglect that the Posthumus/Engler administration has designed over the
> 12 years."
> A list of conservation and environmental leaders endorsing Granholm
> follows.
> Conservationists/Environmentalists for Granholm
> Robert Abrams
> Jan Ben Dor, Deputy Clerk, Pittsfield Township
> Janis Bobrin, Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner
> Michele Bononi, Mayor Pro Tem, Novi
> Peg Bostwick
> Eunice Burns, Past Chair, Huron River Watershed Council*
> Chris Bzdok, environmental attorney
> Paul Cousins, vice-chair, Huron River Watershed Council*
> Don Brown, Kalamazoo
> Mary Brown, former State Representative
> Clean Water Action
> Anne Couture
> Sally Churchill, environmental attorney
> Jim Daniels
> Dana Debel
> Dave Dempsey
> Tracy Dobson, professor of fisheries and wildlife, Michigan State
> Tim Eder, Great Lakes advocate
> Marlene Fluharty, former member, Michigan Natural Resources Commission
> Rusty Gates, Gates AuSable River Lodge
> Jim Goodheart, natural resources consultant, former executive director,
> Michigan United Conservation Clubs*
> Leah Gunn, Washtenaw County Commissioner
> Robert Gunn, treasurer, Natural Washtenaw Campaign
> Patricia D. Hartig
> John Hertel
> Donald Inman, former deputy director, Michigan Department of Natural
> Resources
> Chris Kolb, State Representative
> Christina Lirones, Pittsfield Township Clerk
> Maureen S. Martin, board member, Michigan Land Use Institute*
> Doug Martz
> Michael D. Moore, former director, Michigan Department of Natural
> Michigan League of Conservation Voters
> Jim Murray, director, Wayne County Department of the Environment
> Jim Olson, environmental attorney
> Mike Parker
> Mike Penskar, professional botanist
> Virginia Pierce, former district supervisor, Michigan Department of
> Resources
> Sue Robertson, environmental consultant
> Frank Ruswick
> Chris Shafer, environmental law professor, Cooley Law School
> Sierra Club
> David Stead, environmental consultant
> Howard Tanner, former director, Michigan Department of Natural Resources
> Karen Kovacs Trevino, director, environmental programs, ASG Renaissance
> former senior policy advisor to U.S. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt
> William Whippen, past president, Michigan United Conservation Clubs*
> Anne Woiwode
> * Organization name included for identification purposes only. No
> endorsement by the organization is implied or intended.
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