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Job Announcement -- Institute Seeks Policy Specialist

Journalist, economics expert needed for school sprawl project

The Michigan Land Use Institute, one of America' largest and most effective state-based Smart Growth policy and advocacy organizations, seeks an accomplished journalist and/or public policy expert to serve as the Policy Specialist and manage the Neighborhood Schools project, a promising new initiative conducted in partnership with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

The successful candidate should be either an accomplished journalist with significant experience in economic, tax, financial or real estate issues or a public policy specialist with exceptional writing and journalism skills. The position is a marvelous opportunity for a confident self-starter to use the tools of policy development and journalism to influence the public policy debate.

The Neighborhood Schools project is designed to identify and publicize the factors that drive school districts to build new schools in outlying areas rather than invest in schools in city and town centers. The Neighborhood Schools project also will document the effects new schools have on community land use patterns, and strengthen support for new state policies that promote investing in existing schools.

The Policy Specialist will have the capacity to dig in to state and local budgets, school district accounts, state law, and other source material in order to understand the factors that influence decisions that affect the location of new schools. The successful candidate must have the ability to work collaboratively with a diverse set of stakeholders including Michigan's business community. And he or she must posses a solutions-oriented capacity to develop winning policy recommendations and build support for them with superior writing, speaking, and organizing skills.

The successful candidate also must have the proven story telling ability to frame the school sprawl issue in compelling and meaningful terms and successfully publish the project's findings on the Institute's award-winning Web site, magazine, statewide news service, and for the Michigan print, broadcast, and Internet media

The Michigan Land Use Institute was founded in 1995 to establish a new approach to economic development that strengthens communities, enhances opportunity, and protects the state's unmatched natural resources. In its seven-year history, the Institute has achieved striking accomplishments by joining first-rate journalism, innovative policy analysis, and grassroots organizing. The Policy Specialist will have the opportunity to work closely with an exceptional group of journalists, editors, policy analysts, and advocates who are attracting national attention for their work to advance Smart Growth goals in Michigan

The Institute recruits the best people and turns them loose to do great things. The Institute rewards achievement, prizes collegiality, and respects individuality. Flexible hours, competitive wages and benefits and a compelling mission make the Institute a premier place to work.

Professional Requirements
   - Experience in conducting original reporting and analysis on financial, real estate, and public investment or tax policy.
   - Experience writing for a newspaper, magazine, professional journal or Web site on business, finance, real estate, and other economic issues.       
   - Spirit of an engaged advocate, rather than a detached analyst.
        - Familiarity with small group facilitation, negotiation, and consensus building.
        - Strong public speaking skills.
        - Flexibility and enthusiasm for working closely with colleagues.
        - Familiarity with community planning, land use, and state policy development.
        - Ability to conceive and execute winning political strategies.
        - Ability and willingness to travel extensively within the state of Michigan.
        - Commitment to service in the public interest.

Hours: Full time.

Availability: Immediate.

Salary: Starting in mid-$30s, depending on experience and qualifications. Excellent health and retirement plans are a benefit of employment at the Institute.

Location: The Institute has offices in Beulah, Grand Rapids and Traverse City. The Policy Specialist is welcome to work in any of these locations, though Grand Rapids is preferred. Attendance at regular meetings at the Institute's main office in Beulah is required.

To apply, send cover letter, resume, and writing samples to:

Hans Voss
Executive Director
Michigan Land Use Institute
P.O. Box 500
Beulah, MI 49617

Or via email to: jobs@mlui.org
The Michigan Land Use Institute is an independent, non-profit organization that conducts research and works with policy makers and citizens to link environmental goals with economic development. The Institute is an equal opportunity employer, considering candidates without regard to gender, race, sexual preference, religion, or political affiliation.