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Re: E-M:/ Solving our municipal waste problems ...

Good comments re composting.  FYI,  I would invite you all to contact the Mich Compost Council through the offices of the Mich Recycling Coalition to check up on what is taking place.  Andy Fogiel
fogielan@pilot.msu.edu is a good contact point for information. 

A number of Michigan firms are already involved in composting on various scales.  Invessel composting is here in the state and is used for poultry mortality (contact Lyle Veldheer at:
veldheer@lmcompost.com.)  Composting of larger animals is also provided for by Mich law.  Contact Env Stewardship Div at Mich Dept of Ag for information.http://www.michigan.gov/mda

Mich can expand the opportunities a great deal as suggested in the ongoing dialogue  however, it won't happen unless there is a demand for better use of the resources labelled "wastes" that  we currently (mis)manage.