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E-M:/ Press Release on new MDEQ Appointments



Regarding the attached press release...........


I had to go to the MDEQ web site to check the original posting

to be sure that this was not a transcription error......but I guess that the DEQ Press Secretary must not be too well acquainted with Mr. Hellwig to refer to him twice in the press release as "Mr. Vinson" <sic>.


Election-eve jitters???







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Russ Harding's Lame Duck DEQ Management Appointments....




November 4, 2002


Contact:  Patricia Spitzley

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DEQ Director Announces Division Chief Appointments


DEQ Director Russell Harding today announced the following DEQ Division

Chief appointments:


Mr. G. Vinson Hellwig has been appointed the Chief of the Air Quality

Division.  Mr. Hellwig has eleven years of experience with the United

States Environmental Protection Agency, currently working in the Office

of Air Quality Planning and Standards in Triangle Park, N.C.  Previous

to his current position, Mr. Vinson boasts 19 years of experience with

various environmental consulting firms, specializing in environmental

permitting.  He has served as an Air Compliance Officer in EPA's Region

IV and began his career as an air permit engineer with the Alabama Air

Pollution Control Commission.  Mr. Vinson brings to this position an

extensive knowledge of all air regulatory programs both on a regional

and state level.


"The appointment of Mr. Hellwig as the Air Quality Division Chief

brings to the Department expertise on both the federal and state

regulatory level," Harding said.  "That expertise is invaluable and will

bring innovative and new ideas to the division."


Mr. Hellwig earned a Bachelor's degree in chemistry from Shorter

College and has taken graduate courses in Chemistry at Clemson and

Auburn Universities.  Mr. Hellwig replaces Dennis M. Drake who retired

on October 31.  His appointment is effective December 1, 2002.


Ms. Amy A. Butler has been selected as the Chief of the Environmental

Sciences and Services Division.  Ms. Butler initially started her

service with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in the

Environmental Service Division.  Since then, Ms. Butler has served in a

variety of key roles in both the Departments of Natural Resources and

Environmental Quality.  These roles include developing the first

environmental bankruptcy program; the issuance of several covenants not

to sue that contributed to the establishment of the framework for the

DEQ site revitalization and brownfield redevelopment programs.  Ms.

Butler has also been involved in projects such as the Action Auto

Bankruptcy project and the Lake Michigan Car Ferry project.


Ms. Butler has worked extensively with local governmental units and

economic development corporations building public/private partnerships

to address the reuse of brownfield sites.  Ms. Butler also served as the

Michigan Underground Storage Tank Financial Assurance Fund Administrator

and most recently as the Assistant Division Chief of the Geological

Survey Division.


"Amy's experience in the DEQ primarily in the field of public-private

partnerships greatly contributed to her selection as Chief of the

Environmental Sciences and Services Division," Harding said, "The DEQ

management team will definitely benefit from her extensive experience in

a variety of programs now housed within the Environmental Sciences and

Services Division."


Ms. Butler earned both biology and chemistry degrees from Oakland

University and has completed graduate coursework in business

administration.  Ms. Butler replaces Paul Zugger who retired October 31.

  Her appointment is effective November 1, 2002.


Mr. George Bruchmann has been appointed Chief of the Waste and

Hazardous Materials Division.  Mr. Bruchmann has served as the Assistant

Chief of the Waste Management Division for the last six years.  Prior to

that, Mr. Bruchmann served as Chief of the Radiological Health Division

in the Department of Public Health.  The Radiological Protection Program

is now a part of the Waste and Hazardous Materials Division.


Mr. Bruchmann will be responsible for programs that include the

regulation of hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal

facilities; hazardous and liquid industrial waste handlers; above and

underground storage tanks; solid waste management facilities including

landfills; scrap tire haulers and collection sites; and certain

radioactive material users.  Mr. Bruchmann will also serve as the DEQ's

Emergency Management Coordinator managing the environmental monitoring

and emergency preparedness programs around nuclear power plants, and the

indoor radon program.


"George's knowledge and expertise in the various waste programs was

superior to the other strong candidates interviewed", said Harding.  "In

addition, George's background in the Radiological Health Division makes

him the ideal candidate to serve as the DEQ's Emergency Management

Coordinator ensuring that the state's nuclear power plans are prepared

to face any emergency."


Mr. Bruchmann received a Bachelor's degree in physics from Hamline

University, and his Master's degree in physics from Michigan State

University.  Mr. Bruchmann replaces Roger Przybysz who retired on

October 31.  His appointment is effective November 1, 2002.






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