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E-M:/ Wetlands and sludge

The neighboring township just gave a variance to build two houses, each having 1 1/2 acres in an area that is zoned agricultural and utilizes the quarter/quarter concept. 
This land has had significant amounts of sludge dumped on it for the last two years.  Is this land safe to build on now?  What if there are kids or animals playing in the dirt.  Is that safe after all that sludge?
In the same township, there is a mobile home park developer fighting to get rezoning.  Since water is a problem in this area, he plans on putting in a private water system with a water tower because he also plans on putting in 300 homes besides the 300 + mobile homes.  But the piece of land he is planning on putting the well on is listed by Semcog as wetlands. Can a well big enough to supply 600 families be drilled on a wetland?