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Re: E-M:/ RE: / RE: / the outgoing administration's dioxin gift to Michigan

We are complaining eloquently, but we are letting them do it.
I am not a lawyer, and I do not trust them, but isn't there something we can legally do to bring their corruptness to the surface now rather than in the future?
It seems to me we need a plan[s], a do we need it now.
What if anything, can be done to stop the trashing of Michigan government?
What choices are available to stop them from trashing environmental and other protections?
What would be the most effective way to get their legacy's in the nations eyes now, rather than after they are appointed to national positions? WE need to attach 'poison' next to their names for anyone who might want to consider them for future employment. How do we go about it?
Engler and Harding are using their posts to trash Michigan. I thing it''s time that Ms. Grandholm uses her Attorney General position to begin legal actions against their gashing and wounding withdrawal. If not, it's acceptance.
Or should we just keep complaining, and be comforted by how pitiful Engler and Harding are? Enough is enough.
Are we going to chase these dogs, or stay on the porch?
Let's roll!
Jerry Renning