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Re: E-M:/ Public comments on the proposed Consent Order withDow

Enviro-Mich message from "Erik Janus" <Janus@nwf.org>

In order to submit truly useful technical comments on this consent
(which was generated from a risk assessment Dow contracted a
respectable company, Exponent, to perform), one should really
delve into the myriad of supporting documents.  Bioavailability
studies, prior risk assessments and public health consultations,
in addition to the bevy of press releases, letters, and emails that
are available.

The newspapers are the LAST place anyone should go to determine
the validity and/or technical merit of this consent order.  I found
piece published in the Saginaw News on 22 Nov confusing more than
else.  (Although I did love the quote attributed to the Deputy Director
of MDEQ: "The
risk assessment is very complex. I don't even understand all of it.")

I would be glad to try and answer any technical questions that
citizens or whomever has about the risk assessment process.

- Erik Janus

Erik R. Janus
Great Lakes Natural Resource Center
National Wildlife Federation
213 West Liberty, Suite 200
Ann Arbor, MI  48104-1322
phone (734) 769-3351, ext. 44
fax (734) 769 1449

>>> Jack Lanigan <jlanigan115990MI@comcast.net> 11/26/11 08:22PM >>>
I implore everyone who wishes to comment on the proposed agreement to
read it (as I did) and understand it (as I tried to) in order to make an
informed decision.  There are some good parts to the order and some not
so good parts, too.  You be the judge.  If you intend to prepare
comments (and I encourage everyone to do so) please base them on the
facts and on your own interests, but please do not base them solely on
what you read in the newspapers.  The comment period is open through
December 9.

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