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Re: E-M:/ DEFCON 2---Enviro-Mich Goes to Political War Mode

Enviro-Mich message from "David J. Zaber" <dzaber@chorus.net>

Now we're really beginning to see the lies of the Republicans regarding
environmental protection.  They claim to be environmentally concerned but as
they scurry to gut all our environmental protections, their true colors (a
bland orange with a brownish tint...?) are showing through.

Remember, its hard for the lying Repubs to lie to their constituents when
they are confronted face to face with real evidence.  Make they accountable
by going to their offices and waiting till they meet with you.  More people
the better when you meet with them.  Don't ignore the facts but NEVER think
the facts are sufficient to sway anti-environmental zealots like Englard,
Bush, and the people he has appointed.  Political pressure is the most
useful tool today.

Also, there is no precedent for what we are about to enter for the next two
years.  Get off your assess and walk the streets in front of the
Republican's offices.  Make them accountable.

Follow them to all their meetings and ask why they are not standing up for
the environment.

Make it fun and don't let their mendacity and evil get you down.  Even their
kids will get cancer from more pollution following Bush rollbacks.  Let them
know how you feel.

Its time to take back the streets.  They can have the Fox/NBC/ABC/CBS
studios.  They cannot, and will never be able to do the grunt work necessary
to change the political reality in this nation.

For good political coverage, go to:

1. www.buzzflash.com
2. www.mediawhoresonline.com (after the new year; they're on vacation)
3. www.bartcop.com
4. www.commondreams.org

And finally, don't lament.  Channel anger into productive, non-violent,
action.  Its up to us now.

Have a great holiday.

Dave Zaber
Habitat Education Center

p.s. a short story I wanted to pass along.

The spouse of a friend of mine told me a story the other day.  She grew up
in Midland, her dad was a top Dow executive (and far-right wing idealogue),
now retired.  She always denied that there was any increased risk of cancer
(breast cancer in this case) or other health problems from living and
growing up near Dow.  However, she finally saw the light when she was
visiting Midland recently and speaking with older spouses of other current
and former Dow executives.  She asked one of the women about increased rates
of cancer.  The response surprised her.  The spouse said that, yes,
"everyone has it" (cancer).  When asked why they don't bring it up and make
the connection between the enormous synthetic chemical plant they lived near
and health problems, the spouses said that their husbands would have none of
it.  Her husband wouldn't believe her anyway and would deny that Dow caused
the problems.  Well, that made my friend think twice and she finally figured
out that she is at risk and that the executive wives of the town know there
is a problem but they don't raise the issue for fear of offending their
husbands.  You've come a long way baby......

My friend, who was raised Republican, now voted straight Democratic and I've
never seen her more politically aware and active.  I'm Thankful for that.

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Subject: E-M:/ DEFCON 2---Enviro-Mich Goes to Political War Mode

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> Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>
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> Dear Enviro-Mich Participants:
> Because of events of the last month and increasing signs
> in the last week, it appears that the environmental community
> must go to a "political war" footing.   ......and I'm not talking about
> Iraq and Afghanistan.
> We're at DEFCON 2 going on DEFCON 1 when it comes to politics on
> national environmental protection and conservation matters.   The
> web of national environmental protection and conservation
> statutes that protect our environment and resources is under
> virulent attack by President Bush, his administration and
> his allies in the Republican Party, in industry and in the right-wing
> think tanks.
> In the space of 5 days, the Bush/right wing/industry attack
> toppled clean air regulations requiring best available control
> technology for major modifications at existing industrial plants----well
> settled regulatory requirements that have been effect for the last 25
> years.  Today,
> the Bush Administration announced a wholesale attack on
> National Environmental Policy Act requirements and planning
> regulations governing national forests.   What outrage will next
> week, or even tomorrow, bring???????
> The recent NY Times editorial about "environmental war clouds" was
> completely on point  {
>   }  We are now going to be in a hot political war with
> George Bush and his congressional allies on national environmental
> and conservation rollbacks.   We are behind and in a bad position
> on playing defense because all of the friends of environmental protection
> that were committee chairs in the U.S. Senate have been cast aside with
> the change in the balance of power with the last election.  We now have
> troglodytes like Sen. James Inhoff and Sen. Pete Domenici running the
> And now we have the worst of the worst, Rep. Tom Delay, running the show
> in the U.S. House.
> The attacks from Bush and his allies
> are going to come fast and furiously in the form of
> bad legislation, bad appointments to judicial and administrative posts,
> bad riders on appropriations legislation, and particularly with bad
> federal rulemaking.  You are going to be subjected to untold number
> of lying politicians claiming that they are protecting the environment
> even while they are smashing all of the teeth out of environmental and
> conservation statutes.
> EM has usually focused exclusively on Michigan environmental protection
> and conservation issues.   However, for the duration of this crazy time of
> environmental attack which is now beginning [like during the time in 1994
> with the "contract on America"], I am relaxing the EM posting rules to
> national alerts on environmental defense campaigns to be posted at will
> to the EM list.
> Unfortunately, we have a president now that doesn't think he has to
> answer to anybody and who has openly made statements about
> how easy it is for dictators to govern.   Concurrent with the Bush
> Administration
> national attack on environmental protection and conservation, is a
> and equally threatening attack on the fundamentals of a democratic
society ---
> everything from overwhelming emphasis on governmental secrecy,  to the
loss of
> constitutional due process protections, to a near fascism when it comes to
> protection of business interests [note, for example, the recent provisions
> of the
> "homeland security" legislation exempting drugmakers from tort liability
> putting thimerosal (highly toxic ethyl mercury) into vaccines].    Recent
> news articles
> have disclosed that the Bush Administration appears to be targeting
> political activists that are its opponents for harassment by creating
> of "suspect" individuals who get unreasonable security procedures at
> airports.....
> http://archive.salon.com/news/feature/2002/11/15/no_fly/index_np.html
> http://www.ccr-ny.org/whatsnew/nofly.asp
> The Administration is even planning a system which will create a massive
> federal effort invading privacy to snoop on ordinary
> Americans.
> http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2002/11/26/nelson_speech/index.html?x
> http://www.aclu.org/Privacy/Privacy.cfm?ID=11323&c=130
> http://www.darpa.mil/iao/TIASystems.htm
> http://www.aclu.org/SafeandFree/SafeandFree.cfm?ID=11355&c=206
> Given current conditions please re-commit yourselves to citizen
> activism, participation and defense of our national environmental
> and conservation statutes.   Your volunteer activism, participation
> and citizenship are needed now more than ever before....with
> responses to alerts in the form of letters/phonecalls/faxes to
> letters to editors and even more energetic and advanced forms of
> citizen environmental leadership.
> For those posting such national alerts, please always include detailed
> information on responding to such alerts, including phone and fax numbers
> for people to use in their responses.
> Regards,
> Alex Sagady
> EM Listmanager
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> Quote of the Week:
>   "Osama bin Laden is still alive and plotting more attacks while we play
> bureaucratic shuffleboard."    Sen. Robert C. Bird (during debate on
> homeland security bill).
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