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E-M:/ Down on the factory: cheap food, hidden costs-- Dayton Daily News

Note this series on animal factory issues, in Dayton Daily News, all this week-- including state-by-state survey of regulations; issues/activists/ag interviews, including Michigan; editorial on "hidden subsidies" of industrial agriculture:  

"America's livestock farms have mutated into mass-scale animal factories that overburden the land, air and waterways and imperil public health. Their emergence eluded public detection, and, until recently, their growth has been virtually unchecked by regulators.The factory-farm phenomenon was the subject of a nine-month Dayton Daily News investigation, with the results published this week in the series 'Down on the factory: Cheap food, hidden costs.'"   http://www.activedayton.com/ddn/opinion/daily/1201opinion.html

Day 1 --  http://www.activedayton.com/ddn/project/farm/
Day 2 --  http://www.activedayton.com/ddn/