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E-M:/ MHP rezoning

Title: MHP rezoning
Thanks to all who responded to my query regarding the Lodi rezoning issue.  I was not aware of the right of referendum, which could be of great value should the township board vote for the rezoning to MHP.  

My understanding of the likely course of things at this point is that the Board will vote to deny the rezoning.  My concern is that they may opt to settle with the developer if a law suit ensues.  In a recent conflict over expansion of gravel and sand pit mining, they denied the initial request but settled after the developer brought suit.  In this case, a citizens group did participate in the law suit but the settlement still went forward (leaving some very angry citizens).  I'm not sure how that happened.  I had the sense that the citizens group was barred from the mediation process that occurred.  I'm wondering if the referendum option exists if the board denies rezoning, but later concedes it in the face of litigation??

At this point, I'm hopeful that the township board will vote to deny rezoning (as the planning commission did), but I'm trying to educate myself about any tools I might have to discourage the board from settling with the developer, should the developer pursue legal action.

Susan Miller