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E-M:/ Low/Medium Waste on Lake Huron shore may be permanent

Enviro-Mich message from kcumbow <kcumbow@greatlakes.net>

From: "Normand de la Chevrotiere" <mcraepoint@rogers.com>
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Dear EnviroMich readers, 

The low and medium level waste referred to is from 21 nuclear plants owned
by Ontario Power Generation (OPG). (formerly Ontario Hydro). 9 of these
plants are at Bruce - (including 4 Bruce "A" plants, currently laid up for
major aging and safety concerns, 4 Bruce "B" plants, which are operating,
and the Douglas Point reactor, which is decommissioned.) Thus the Bruce
nuclear complex imports  a big chunk of this waste, (which is reportedly
leaking into groundwater) to maybe stay forever on the shores of Lake
Huron. This may also set a precedent and a willingness for the local
community to accept a permanent high level nuclear waste dump for all of
Canada to be sited at the Western Waste Management Facility, WWMF, (on land
adjacent to the Bruce plants, owned by OPG, where all the waste is
currently stored,) especially as the WWMF is already licensed to store high
level waste from all of the Bruce plants. Communities that get their
drinking water from Lake Huron, or who depend on trade or tourism on Lake
Huron may wish to speak up now. Senators Levin and Stabenow have both
expressed grave concerns about storing high level waste at this site. I
urge you to contact not only them, but other state and federal legislators
as well.

- Kay Cumbow 

Subject: Local News Articles ... Low/Medium Waste may be permanent
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 11:45:44 -0500

Here are the articles I mentioned if interested ...
In a nutshell, it looks like the Municipality of Kincardine (which Bruce
nuclear is in) will hold a referendum before next July to decide whether to
make the low and medium level waste at Bruce permanent.  This may or may
not set a precedent for high level waste.
Ontario Power Generation paid to send the Mayor of Kincardine and two
councilors to Europe to see waste sites there.
The second article is one on the new nuclear waste law.  I tried to raise
the point that there are many more stakeholders here than just the
Municipality, and at least give people an opportunity to voice their
opinions whether they are in favour or against.
... Norm 

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