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I can't agree with either of these posts.
Credit to Engler and Harding?  Get real.  I have never heard anything out of their mouths that wasn't oriented towards bulldozing as many of these fragile environmental areas as possible.  It only gets in the way of their unrestrained passion to asphalt over everything.  Now that they know where they are, watch out!!
A few weeks ago, I downloaded and looked at a portion of the "new" wetlands maps for an area that I was familiar with.  Quite frankly, the 1970s version of the wetland maps that I have were a lot more resolved than the new version (or at least the online version), and other than that, I didn't see anything significantly different.  But then, I also didn't spend hours pouring over it.  At that point in time, it was a non-event for me.  If I'm wrong, I apologize.
Although I don't argue the hugeness of doing a project like this, to say that the resources "weren't available" is not quite right.  In case you don't remember, the previous 8 years was marked by a huge economic boom for both the state and the nation, but Engler chose to make the resources "unavailable".  It may be true that MDEQ and MDNR budgets were slashed, but that was a political decision, not an economic one.
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Perhaps Director Harding and the Governor deserve a little credit?

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To map wetlands at a degree of spatial resolution that has any benefit
to either regulators or the regulated community requires a huge
commitment of time, money, and human resources - none of which the state
has had a surplus of in a very long time, if ever.  Anyone who has ever
worked in the field on wetland delineations knows this is an enormous

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Mapping Michigan wetlands
The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is answering a
mandate to inventory the state's wetlands. Source: Detroit Free Press

Anybody know, or even have a guess . . . what the *&^*$%* took so

D. Niehuus

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