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Re: E-M:/ Statewide Forestry Training

Enviro-Mich message from "Nancy Shiffler" <shifflern@hotmail.com>

In his last message about the forestry training program, Cara Boucher wrote:

"The programs are
>age appropriate—I don’t think that explaining the ecological (economic
>or social) nuances of a harvest versus  wind throw or a prescribed fire
>versus a wildfire is age appropriate education or productive with 4th
>grade students.  Even if adults understand that harvest impacts differ
>from wind throw at the stand and landscape levels and temporally—4th
>grade may not be the age to raise the concept."

So does this mean it IS age-appropriate to tell 4th graders that 
clear-cutting is the same as natural processes?  The Michigan Curriculum 
Framework does expect elementary students to learn about succession and 
water/nutrient cycles.  It also expects them to learn how to examine data on 
an issue and to take and defend a position on the issue.  I think our 
students are up to it.

Nancy Shiffler

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