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Re: E-M:/ Portrait of Engler

Thanks to Tom for this comment on Mr. Power's recent post.
I'd put it like this.  The nazis started the autobahns in Germany.  I like to drive fast on good roads.  But I still wouldn't support the nazis.  Get the picture?
Just because the loathsome Engler appeared to be helpful on this issue (it's not resolved yet, tho), doesn' t mean it erases the years of pillage, lies and plunder that characterized the Engler extremist administration. 
Other examples of this type of labdogism:  Audubon's praise of Spencer Abraham when he helped to get some money for bird research.  Or the recent fawning on this listserve over a Michigan polititican who gets Zeros from the LCV because she paints a nice face on in the morning.
Its why liberals continue to lose elections.
Happy New Year!
Dave Zaber
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Sent: Monday, December 30, 2002 8:10 AM
Subject: Re: E-M:/ Portrait of Engler

I sent the following reply to Phil Power regarding his column on Engler.  Perhaps others should also comment.

"His capacity to see an opening, to strike suddenly, and to be ruthless in the exercise of power is unparalleled in my experience. He keeps reminding me of William Blake's famous line, 'how stealthy the crouch, how silent the leap.' "

Your portrait of soon-to-be-formerly "Honorable" John Engler puts me in mind of a giant, bloated rattlesnake.  I'm glad to see that it looks like he may have been helpful in your campaign to conserve some of Michigan's forests.  But what does it say about the condition of democracy in our state, that we would suffer such a creature (in a relatively sympathetic portrait) to serve as our governor for so many years? >From a broad grassroots perspective involving economic equity, environmental protection, and the vigor of participatory democracy, his administration has been a nightmare.

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Sent: Thursday, December 26, 2002 4:18 PM
Subject: E-M:/ Portrait of Engler

Phil Power the Chairman of both Observer Newspapers and the Michigan Chapter of the Nature Conservancy paints a most interesting portrait of the governor we love-to-hate in the December 26 Observer & Eccentric.

see:     http://observer-eccentric.com/pov/index.html

John Covert
Friends of the Detroit River