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Enviro-Mich message from Lowell Prag <lprag@mail.msen.com>

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, Tom Stephens wrote:

> So this is ok for enviro-mich posting:
> Enviro-Mich message from "Grant Trigger" <GTrigger@honigman.com>
> By the way its triplets
> But we can't have any discussion of how the war against Iraq determines
> energy policy?  Howzat?

Yes, I also find the banalities annoying.

Also, I think you have it backwards. It should be:
how energy policy determines the war against Iraq.

> I suggest sensible, even-handed and flexible application of guidelines for
> posting.  I can find the delete button for little back-and-forth dialogs,
> and don't want to be inhibited about addressing important policy  issues
> that indirectly and profoundly affect environmental quality in Michigan.

It seems most of the discussions relate to what to do after the horses
have escaped the barn or worse, what to do after the barn has burned down
and all the horses are dead.

i.e: there is very little scientific discussion of broader issues of which
Michigan residents must be made aware in order to make viable alternatives
feasible through public consensus.

For example, there was an excellent documentary on channel 56 by Bills
Moyers with the 'Now' program, regarding poisoning our children which
could not have been done without examining the laxity of federal policy
and the abuses of big national industries.

What made the program successful was the way they used sound science to
prove their point and then, used that science to establish grass root
coalitions to fight the problem at both the state and federal level.

I wonder what would happen if The Sierra Club which promotes our
discussion group, bought 10,000 copies of that show and mailed the cds to
the most prominent people in Michigan government and industry and also,
our representatives in Washington.

My point being, it takes that type of science to have a major effect in
not only solving existing problems but also, preventing future problems.

Lowell Prag

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