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Re: E-M:/ Erosion rules may overstep boundaries

The GT County ordinance does not regulate activities in wetlands, it protects wetlands by requiring a buffer strip between development and wetlands.  Buffer strips are probably the best sediment barrier available, certainly far better than over-used (and usually improperly installed) silt fence.  GT County might consider requiring filter strips per NRCS Conservation Standards adjacent to any "waters of the state" - wetlands, lakes, streams.  The minimum width for the NRCS standards is 20 feet, and it increases relative to slope and soil types.  Eastwood Custom Homes (Bill Clous) may next suggest that the expense and time required to install silt fence, seed disturbed areas, or implement other sediment or erosion controls is a "taking".  Why is it many developers believe they should be excused from the responsibilities of good citizenship if it impinges on their profits? 
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Subject: E-M:/ Erosion rules may overstep boundaries

Erosion rules may overstep boundaries

Attorney says local government can't regulate wetlands; construction firms are losing value of their lands