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E-M:/ Press Release for Sweetwater Demo Tomorrow at Granholms inauguration

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <snakeman1549@yahoo.com>

Press Release
January 1, 2003

Where: State Capitol Building, then proceed to the
Lansing Center 
When:  11:30 am
Contacts: Joe Mierzwinski, Lansing, 517-367-1191     
    Frank Ambrose, Detroit, 313-580-7484 
     Marie Mason, Detroit, 313-410-4155

Activists to Present Giant Banner Urging Governor
Granholm to Shut Down the Ice Mountain Bottling Plant

Lansing, MI- Activists from Sweetwater Alliance will
converge on Lansing to visit Jennifer Granholm during
her inauguration and demand that she shut down the Ice
Mountain water bottling plant in Stanwood, MI.
Sweetwater Alliance has twice blocked the entrance to
the plant in acts of non-violent civil disobedience. 

“At this point, we are trying to politely let her know
that she holds the key to whether or not the Great
Lakes will continue to be sold off,” said Robert
Bartle of Ann Arbor.  “We will not disrupt her parade
or her speeches, but rather just be present with a
giant banner for her, and the rest of the crowd to

The five foot by 25 foot banner simply reads STOP ICE
MOUNTAIN, and has the groups website across the bottom
www.waterissweet.org .  

Ice Mountain, as subsidiary of Nestle, is pumping
576,000 gallons of water per day at their central
Michigan plant. They do not pay for the water, and are
reaping profits of around $1 million per day from the
sale of the water throughout the East and Midwest. The
pumping is reducing the flow of the Dead Stream by
30%. The Dead Stream  is part of the Little Muskegon
River watershed. 

“The Ice Mountain plant is just the first crack in the
dam-they are the first bottling plant in the Great
Lakes watershed that is sending the water out of the
region,” said Sally Neal from Traverse City. “If they
are allowed to stay, no government body will be
allowed to prevent further bottling and diversion of
Great Lakes water by other companies. Now is the time
to kick them out for good.”

They believe that Gov. Granholm may shut the plant
down because as Attorney General, she wrote letters to
then Governor Engler stating that she believed that
the plant violated federal laws designed to prevent
the privatization of Great Lakes water. She said:
“After careful analysis, it appears that the proposal…
would constitute a diversion and export of Great Lakes
water for use outside the (Great Lakes) basin.”
According to the Water Resource Development Act, No
water shall be diverted or exported from any portion
of the Great Lakes within the United States, or from
any tributary within the Unites States of any of the
Great Lakes, for use outside the Great Lakes basin
unless such diversion or export is approved by the
Governor of each of the Great Lakes states. 

“We want the Governor to act immediately and we will
not settle for compromises,” said Holly Spaulding of
Traverse City. “We do not want any study committees
set up on the matter—there is nothing to research. The
facility is harming the environment,  is setting a bad
precedent in terms of privatizing and diverting water,
and is illegal. We will not back down until the Ice
Mountain plant is shut down. This is our message to
the Governor on her first day in office.”

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