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E-M:/ Inquiring minds want to know!!

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Inquiring minds want to know!!.......

1.   Where or where is Russ Harding going to land and if he ends up at
a regulated party, did he have negotiations with any regulated parties
on such a position while serving as DEQ Director?

2.   Who is going to be Gov. Granholm's environmental advisor?

3.    Will conscientious public servants in Michigan DEQ and Michigan DNR
be allowed to fix the mess that the "information technology geeks" made out
of the DEQ and DNR websites, and return these crucial information sources
to the state of usefullness that they had before the geeks wrecked everything
in the name of "Michigan's information portal?"

4.   Will Gov. Granholm join Michigan to the 9 states challenging the G. W. 
wrecking crew's rape of the Clean Air Act New Source Review rules in the D.C.
Court of Appeals?

5.    Will Gov. Granholm rescind the MDEQ executive order mandating "public
hearings in a booth" for all controversial issues before the MDEQ within 
the first
30 days of taking office?

6.   What will Attorney General Mike Cox do to the budget/staffing of the 
environmental division of the Attorney General Office?

7.   Will Gov. Granholm re-open the water permitting issue for concentrated
animal feeding operations?

8.   Will environmental groups in Michigan start a "green scissors" project to
look at general fund budget cuts?

9.  Will Gov. Granholm call for new MDEQ permit fees commensurate with needed
staffing and environmental reviews for all MDEQ environmental permitting?

10.   Will Gov. Granholm and MDEQ Director Steve Chester reverse Harding's 
damaging re-organization of the MDEQ by returning the toxicologists to the 
from which they came and by facilitating the return of all MDEQ employees 
to Divisions from which they came before transfer and for which their 
individual expertise is appropriate?

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