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E-M:/ A new day

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org>

Friends, the new administration has taken hold -- for those able to attend
the inaugural events today, or to see them on Michigan Government
television, I hope you all share the same sense of a lifting of a great
weight off the back and shoulders of this great state.  It is impossible to
do justice to the most inspiring moments today -- from Judge Damon Keith's
enthusiasm as he administered the oath of office to Governor Jennifer
Granholm, to Aretha Franklin's singing the national anthem, to outstanding
speeches by both Lt. Governor John Cherry and Governor Granholm (listen to
them on the WKAR website at http://wkar.org/news/), to the remarkable sense
of community as thousands of people gathered on the lawn of the Capitol and
then paraded even in this post 9-11 era with no troops or metal detectors
alongside the new leaders of our state to the Lansing Center for the
speeches.  While partisanship was not totally missing, this event had as
strong a sense of respect for all the different interests in our state as
anything I have seen in Michigan ever -- what an astonishing accomplishment.

Governor Granholm's speech was about throwing open the doors of the "house
of democracy" and inviting all Michiganders to participate in our
government. Governor Granholm spoke of both clean water and open space
protection in her highlights of policies, and thunderous applause followed
these environmental goals.  There is no pretense in either Granholm's or
Cherry's speeches that it will be possible to do much new soon because of
the budget crunch, but I for one will be glad if we can stop waking up to
bad news every day about Michigan's environment brought about by those
entrusted with its care.

The environmental movement is no stranger to participating -- let's make
sure we are there to shape the future of our state.  Lowell Prag had asked
whether there is a place for assuring that ideas like those raised by Alex
Sagady are seen by the new administration.  Input to the Granholm Transition
team can still be given at their website in the policy input page below:



Inquiring minds might also want to know:

is any provision made by the sender of these types of postings, where Gov.
Granholm and others might actually get a copy of the post and therefore,
possibly respond?

Lowell Prag

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