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E-M:/ Lodi Mobile Homes update

Title: Lodi Mobile Homes update


For those of you interested in the ongoing effort to oppose rezoning 46.6 acres of undeveloped land to MHP for the purpose of expanding the Orchard Grove Manufactured Housing park (on Wagner Rd between Waters and Scio-Church), there are a number of developments with which I'd like to acquaint you:

First (good news)...Donald Pennington, the land use and planning consultant hired by the township to evaluate the proposed rezoning, has recommended strongly that the Board of Trustees deny the rezoning.  The draft of his 12 page report is available through the Lodi Township clerk, Elaine Masters. In summary, he recommends against rezoning on a number of grounds: inconsistency with the Master Plan, which calls for rural residential development (not more than one house per acre); extremely poor soils for development (wet clay); the presence of important natural features on the land (wetlands and forest), which the Master Plan directs us to protect; an adequate current supply of affordable housing in the township (14.4%); and difficulties secondary to overly-rapid growth of single family dwellings in a township not anticipating or desiring such rapid growth and not equipped with infrastructure with which to accommodate it.

Second...next Tuesday, January 7, at 7:30, Township Hall, the Board of Trustees will hear arguments for and against the rezoning and will vote on the matter.  This meeting is important.  The presence of interested and vocal citizens will encourage a vote against the rezoning and (of equal importance) will convey to the Board the community's expectation that the township fight any law suit the developers may choose to bring should rezoning be denied.  In many other communities, opposition to rezoning for MHPs is defeated when a developer chooses to sue the township for denying a rezoning petition.  We need to let our trustees know that we expect them not to capitulate under pressure of legal action.  Letters and emails in advance of the meeting are also of value (loditwp@izzy.net)

Thanks to those taking time to work on this issue.  Susan Miller