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(January 2, 2003, Mecosta, MI) The environment and citizens of Michigan and the Great Lakes Basin received a resounding voice of support when Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation was awarded a grant of more than $50,000.00 from the L.C. and Margaret Walker Foundation.

"This grant could not have been received at a better time. The Board of Directors of Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation (MCWC) wish to thank the Walker Foundation for its generous grant and recognition of MCWCís efforts." says Terry Swier, President of MCWC. "The grant will be used to support educational programs, including efforts to increase public awareness of water conservation issues in Michigan, and to sponsor environmental research relating to Michiganís water supply."

MCWC is striving to protect the citizenís rights to land, river and watershed protection and management for purposes of human rights and long-term habitat and ecosystem preservation and restoration. The grant from the Foundation will help MCWC with its goal and objective to expand its efforts to educate the public through vigorous law and public policy debate concerning water rights, the public trust, and direct grass roots citizen action.

The future of Michiganís and the Great Lakes regionís streams, lakes and its tributary ground waters is at risk. MCWC has been working diligently through its lawsuit against Nestle Waters North America, Inc., formerly Perrier, and through public workshops to increase citizen awareness of their rights in water. The organization has also made important contributions to public policy that will assure that needed water laws will put the public trust and rights of citizens first. The trial of the lawsuit of Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation, et al v Nestle Waters North America, Inc., et al. begins in May 2003. The suit challenges Nestleís claim that it can take all of the water for itself, essentially converting our waters into a private commodity without having to pay for it. "Given the world water crisis and worldwide demand for Michiganís water, we cannot sit idly by without protecting the fundamental principle that water is a commons for everyone, including our valuable and magnificent environment, " Swier said. "The Foundationís grant helps us immensely," she said. but it will really benefit everyone."

If you would like more information on MCWCís projects, contact Terry Swier 231 972-8856, tswier@centurytel.net or visit MCWCís web site at www.saveMIwater.org.



Terry Swier 

Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation

231-972-8856 phone and fax





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