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Subject: International Joint Commission to Hold Hearings on Water Uses in
         the Great Lakes Basin
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 11:36:00 -0500
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OTTAWA , January 3, 2003 - The International Joint Commission (IJC)
announced today it will hold a series of public hearings to obtain =
from the public on action taken by governments on the issue of water =
uses in
the Great Lakes basin before reporting to the Governments of Canada and =
United States . The hearings are scheduled to take place at the =
dates and locations:=20

Toronto , January 20, 2003=20
City Hall=20
100 Queen Street West=20
Toronto , Ontario=20
Council Chamber, 7 p.m.=20
Chicago , January 21, 2003=20
Drake Hotel=20
140 East Walton Place=20
Chicago , Illinois=20
Michigan Room 3 & 7 p.m.=20

Montr=E9al , February 3, 2003=20
Queen Elizabeth Hotel=20
900 Ren=E9-L=E9vesque blvd.=20
Montr=E9al, Qu=E9bec=20
Room St. Maurice , 7 p.m.=20

The IJC published a comprehensive report entitled Protection of the =
of the Great Lakes in 2000.   In that report the IJC recommended that =
review the issue after three years to provide an update on how matters =
changed over that period of time. In late 2000 the governments =
agreed.  =20

In June of last year, the Commission appointed the International Water =
Review Task Force to assist it in carrying out the three-year review.   =
Task Force reviewed the many technical, policy and legal developments =
have taken place in the basin and reviewed actions taken by federal, =
and provincial authorities to address the issues raised in the =
2000 report.  =20

The Task Force has now completed its work and submitted its report to =
Commission.   That report is available on the Commission's web site: =
here for report in PDF format) . Hard copies of the report are also
available from either one of the Commission's offices listed below. The
report of the Task Force represents the views and analysis of the Task =
and not necessarily the views of the Commission. The Commission will =
its report to governments based on its own analysis, the report of the =
Force, and comments received concerning the Task Force report and other
related matters.=20

In addition to the public hearings listed above, the IJC invites all
interested parties to submit written comment on this investigation to =
addresses below:=20

Secretary, Canadian Section=20
234 Laurier Avenue West , 22 nd Floor=20
Ottawa , Ontario K1P 5M1=20
Fax: 613.993.5583=20
Commission@ottawa.ijc.org     =20

Secretary , U.S. Section=20
1250 23 rd Street NW, Suite 100=20
Washington , DC 20440=20
Fax: 202.736.9015=20

Due to the security clearing of mail, communications with the IJC's
Washington office should be by fax or email to ensure timely receipt. =
would be most helpful if written comments were received by February 10, =

The International Joint Commission is a binational Canada-U.S. =
established by the Boundary Waters Treaty of 1909. It assists the
governments in managing waters along the border for the benefit of both
countries in a variety of ways including examining issues referred to =
it by
the two federal governments.=20


Frank Bevacqua, Washington, DC, 202.736.9024=20
Fabien Lengell=E9, Ottawa, ON, 613.995.0088=20

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