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Contact: Mike Donahue, 734-971-9135, <mailto:mdonahue@glc.org>mdonahue@glc.org

Apply now! 2003 Great Lakes Commission - Sea Grant Fellowship

Undergraduate and graduate students may apply now for the 2003 Great Lakes 
Commission-Sea Grant Fellowship. This one-year position offers an the 
opportunity to work with members of the Great Lakes science, policy and 
information/education communities to advance the environmental quality and 
sustainable economic development goals the Great Lakes states. In so doing, 
the fellow will contribute to and benefit from research coordination and 
policy analysis activities. The fellow will be housed at the Great Lakes 
Commission offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Apply by  February 28, 2003. Eligible applicants include: students who, at 
the time of application, are in a graduate or professional degree program 
in a marine or aquatic-related field at a U.S. accredited institution of 
higher education. Interested students should contact their local Sea Grant 
program, listed below:

     University of Illinois: 765-494-3573
     University of Michigan: 734-763-1437
     University of Minnesota: 218-726-8106
     State University of New York (SUNY): 631-632-6905
     Ohio State University: 614-292-8949
     Penn State Erie: 814-898-6420
     Purdue University: 765-494-3573
     University of Wisconsin: 608-262-0905

For more information, see 
or contact Mike Donahue, 734-971-9135, 

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