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E-M:/ The well still needs an operating permit

Enviro-Mich message from Mary Beth Doyle <marybeth@ecocenter.org>

The Haz. Waste injection well still needs an operating permit from 
the DEQ. According to an email I received yesterday from Steven 
Sliver, the permit application is still being completed and has not 
yet gone out for public comment.

However, it is still very important to attend tomorrow's hearing. 
There are many ways that the well is inappropriate. The land ban 
exemption the EPA is proposing is certainly one of them.

I'm no geologist, but the fact that a class one injection well in 
Ashtabula Ohio appears to have triggered seismic activity seems 
problematic to me.  Researchers believe that there was a pre-existing 
fault line. However, it was not detected before the well was built.

Mary Beth

These data led Seeber and Armbruster to conclude in published reports 
that the Ashtabula earthquake sequence had been triggered by fluids 
from the injection well. Armbruster has pointed out, however, that 
this was a pre-existing fault under strain--in essence, an earthquake 
waiting to happen--and the injection fluids simply triggered it 
earlier than would have been the case if only natural forces were 
involved. It is worth noting that no surface faults are visible in 
the area, no subsurface faults had been detected from data available 
prior to the earthquakes, and detailed searching of historical 
records by Armbruster did not  reveal any events within 30 km of 


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