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E-M:/ Pentagon consultant on Big 3, oil and security

A matter of security, oil efficiency
Auto industry, the government should work quickly on solution
January 8, 2003

I live in two worlds.
For nearly two decades, I have worked in Detroit with the car companies as a management consultant and auto analyst. Over the years, though, I've gradually spent more and more time in Washington, D.C., working in the national security and Pentagon communities as a "policy wonk." And, from time to time, my two worlds collide.

Our nation is facing just such a time. There are national security implications of Sept. 11 that have to do with the auto industry, but are not understood by most leaders in Detroit. The nation's energy policy, the price of oil, America's foreign policy, the auto industry and the American consumer are interdependent elements that have serious implications for the auto industry and the nation as a whole.