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E-M:/ Fw: Natural Rivers designation

I hope this doesn't result in a duplicate post, my first attempt didn't seem to go through.
Showing support for the Natural River designation to appropriate Michigan legislators and to DNR Director Cool is a means to achieve significant, concrete environmental protection for many miles of high quality Michigan river.  The process to designate the Pine and portions of the Manistee has been an on-again, off-again battle for several years. Property rights advocates have been successful in derailing the process in the recent past. 
Unfortunately, the environmental community has been very quiet on this process.  NOW is the time to express support for this designation (even if you have done so sometime in the past); public hearings will begin soon and I believe if the designation is beaten back again it may be the end of the process for the Pine and Manistee and severely damage the prospects for further river protection in Michigan.  I encourage everyone to read Andrew Guy's recent post, read the article on the link he provided, learn about the designation process, and express support for the process to legislators, Director Cool, the NRC, and Governor Granholm.                                 Matt Johnstone