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E-M:/ DetroitFreePress covers upcoming visit by Ruth Etzel,MD top enviro doc for kids


Etzel is coming! Escaping her Alaskan base for a week long educational sojourn "down under" in the contiguous 48, Etzel has just departed from her stop in Rapid City, South Dakota, "where it's colder than anything we've experienced in Anchorage this year. . . (minus 14)."

Pat Anstett interviewed Ruth (editor of the groundbreaking 1999 "
Handbook of Pediatric Environmental Health") in an article that was missed by the Sierra Club's otherwise excellent echo this week.


Along with Dr. William Weil (another outstanding Michigan-based pediatrician) Etzel stood up to power in 2000. . . .Governor Engler's power. He and/or his attendants stacked the MI Environmental Science Board with people who eventually determined -- after months of study --  that Michigan's children environmental health standards were just hunky dory. This was published in the following report (see link within URL provided below):


In a dramatic 5-2 dissent, Weil and Etzel were outraged that levels of protection were not dramatically higher, perhaps as high as 10-fold. See the DFP's coverage at the time at:


This very important story was NOT COVERED by the Lansing State Journal.

Etzel has won more awards for her enviro work that can be listed in this brief note, but her award for discovering the links between mold and infant deaths in Ohio (while working for the CDC) brought mush national media attention.

Ruth is speaking as the second of four speakers in LocalMotion's spectacular 2002-2003 speaker series, "Improving the Environment for Our Children's Health."

It's worth the trip to Grosse Pointe's War Memorial on Monday night. Not only is the price just 5 bucks, but there is free organic food, courtesy of Healy's Health Hut.

For details about her visit, see our web site at:


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