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E-M:/ MDEQ Director Steve Chester's Message

I thought I'd share this message from newly appointed
MDEQ Director Steve Chester to MDEQ employees and others...
reprinted from the Air Quality Division Newsletter at

We begin this New Year together in transition and change. I recently was appointed by Governor
Granholm to be your new Director. I am both humbled and honored by the opportunity to serve you and
the people of this great State of Michigan. In the words of Governor Granholm, this Administration “will
advance an environmental ethic that protects Michigan’s natural resource heritage, embraces the
principles of stewardship and sustainability, and seeks to make our cities and communities livable and
The Governor truly believes, as I do, that we can protect human health and the environment and
grow a healthy economy at the same time. To succeed, we need your assistance, wise counsel, and

As I have mentioned to many of you, I am excited to be here and am energized by the opportunity to begin
working with all of you to rebuild the integrity of the DEQ as an environmental protection agency that we
can be proud of and that is seen by the people of the State of Michigan as a professional, just, and
productive agency. To achieve this goal, we must work together, and I must draw heavily on the
expertise, experience, and initiative of each of you. Thank you.

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