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E-M:/ Republicans, Granholm Reach Agreement on Smart Growth Commission

Dear Friend,
        There's good news to report about Michigan's new Smart Growth Commission. State Senator Ken Sikkema, the Republican Senate majority leader, says he is "totally committed" to the commission's mission and has reached agreement with Governor Jennifer Granholm on the panel's size and makeup. In an interview with the Institute over the weekend, Sen. Sikkema  said the commission will be composed of roughly 20 members, half Democrats and the other half Republicans. The commission’s members and its mission will be made public before Ms. Granholm’s state of the state speech on February 5, and perhaps as early as this week, he said.

See the Institute's report here: http://mlui.org/growthmanagement/fullarticle.asp?fileid=16397

When it comes to tackling sprawl and its myriad consequences, these appear to be promising times in Michigan. The Institute is closely tracking development on its Web site at www.mlui.org.

Thanks so much, Keith Schneider, program director