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E-M:/ Dioxin related reviews - California and UK

Enviro-Mich message from "Paul Hanly" <PNARH@bigpond.com>

For those interested in the Midland dioxin cleanup:

California proposes to adopt the WHO 97 TEF regime which includes weightings
for dioxin like PCB's. Some "experts" have tried to excluded these from
consideration in the past.

Some worked examples show huge increases in recognised toxicity of fish in
San Francisco Bay as a result.

There are also comparatively smaller differences worked for emissions from
some incinerators.


The UK is reviewing Dioxins in the Environment and are accepting comments
(technically closed on 23 January)

The UK has a 2 pg/kg/bw/day TDI. They have had huge reductions in emissions
of dioxins to air, mainly through tighter emissions controls on Municipal
Solid Waste incinerators, but there doesn't appear to be any body burden
data from a quick look. Reduced emissions are great, but there are
reservoirs of dioxin in soils and women, just waiting to be passed through
the food chain or breast feeding - although governments seem to consistently
argue that the advantages of breast feeding out weigh the dioxin
Low recommended TDI's are good, but not much use if the age related body
burden is already substantially higher than that implied by the TDI.


Paul Hanly
Rhodes, Sydney, NSW, Australia
site of a clean up of contamination by Union Carbide

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