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E-M:/ Causes of Frog Deformities

THREE PRIME CAUSES OF FROG DEFORMITIES:  An eight-year scientific investigation into the worldwide epidemic of amphibian deformities has located three primary causes often acting in concert, increased exposure to ultraviolet radiation, chemical contamination of water and parasites, and all stemming "in part from human activities such as habitat alteration" says ScientificAmerican.com 1/12.  The deformities "undoubtedly impair amphibian survial and most likely contribute to the dramatic declines in populations that have been recognized as a global concern since 1989.  Because amphibians are "extremely sensitive to perturbations in the environment" it is highly likely that "factors affecting these animals harshly today are also beginning to take their toll on other species."
GREENLines, Tuesday, January 28, 2003, Issue 1789
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