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RE: E-M:/Causes of Frog Deformities -Zaber

Title: RE: E-M:/Causes of Frog Deformities -Zaber
The  Scientific American article cited by Zaber does indeed give a good overview of the research on the  epidemic of frog deformities. A companion article in Discover Magazine reports on the important role of the herbicide Atrazine (Royte, Discover, Feb., 2003). Atrazine is cited as an important contributor to the transsexualization of male frogs. Atrazine has been found at high levels in the St. Joseph River watershed here in Michigan and in other corn producing regions where it is widely applied. More technical articles on this endocrine disruptor - like behavior have appeared in various journals but the Discover article is pitched to the lay reader. See www.discover.com and hit current issue then go to Transsexual Frogs.