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E-M:/ FW: Electronics Recycling


For those of you doing a little housecleaning, here are sources for Electronics Recycling in Southeast Michigan

Recycle Ann Arbor Call them at 734-662-6288.
Electronics, batteries, household items, yard waste. Drop off Station is
734-971-7400. Pete is the Manager. Electronics are shipped off-site within the United States. Fee for electronics recycling $7.50 for TV or Monitor up to 27 inches. or $15.00 for larger. $4.00 VCR or CPU, printer or scanner. Also accept telephones, answering machines, stereos, radios. Fees depending on size.

Innovative Recycling and Waste Services, Inc.  located in South Lyon near
Brighton.  They charge 60 cents a pound and can't guarantee that they will be disassembled in this country.

Great Lakes Electronic Recycling  Based in Detroit. Call and ask for Tom
at (313) 838-7000. They reuse all that can be recovered. It will go to
Youngstown, OH where there is a smelter and disassembling facility that will
remove the mercury, lead and copper along with other metals and recycle them
all along with anything else that can be reused. His facility charges 35 cents a pound to recycle electronics.

SOCRRA of Oakland County  Serves households from their member communities, at the mixed waste recycling plant on Coolidge. They send the electronics to SE
Asia to be disassembled and reused to build other devices.  You can call
SOCRRA's main office (248) 288-5150.  You might ask to speak with Kathy